Tivio Leo Reed  Foals

2015 Bred Mares
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Pedigree of

Tivio Leo Reed
92.676% Foundation


Imperial Snips

Snip Imperial Reed Snipper B Reed Snipper Reed Logan Bobby Reed
Shady Dell
Buckie Kay Buck a Luck
Baldy Rose
New Imperial Dawn Imperial One Sir Quincy Bob x Quincy Dan
Kokie Reed x Snipper Reed
Hicrest Dawn Hicrest King
Page Lady
Leo's Klondike Klondike Bobs Folly Three Bars
Hot Heels by Midnight Jr.
Old Folks Kingwood
Bonita Line x Fire Line
Kay Leo Price Leo Dandy Leo
Jezebell W
Maudy Kay Bob K K x Flying Bob
Deks Poco Joy Poco Dek Poco Tivio Poco Bueno King
Miss Taylor
Sheilwin Pretty Boy
Blackburn Mare
Wang Seabiscuit Little Ben
Red Wings
Mare by John Earl Unknown
Poco Flossie Poco Bob Poco Bueno King
Miss Taylor
Lady Blackburn Blackburn
Rainy Day Mare
Billys Flossie V Billy Anson Del Rio Joe
Flossie Duggan
Old Floridene


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