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    Iceman as a 3 year old

2003 Dunalino Stallion ♦ 16.1 Hands ♦ 1,450 Lbs
AQHA #4,501,654
NFQHA #F0,031,647 (94%) FQHA #2,634 (95%)

Iceman is a beautiful dun and palomino (dunalino) stallion with the quietest disposition you will ever find in a stallion.  He sires his size, color and quiet attitudes.  Iceman has worked on the ranch, gathering cattle, sorting and branding up until he injured his left shoulder a couple of years ago.  He is quiet around mares and doesn't mind going to work.  His foals are ALL gentle and kind like him.  We have never had a problem with bad attitudes, bucking or any bad behavior.  In fact, we can hardly keep the foals away from us.  His offspring make great companions in any arena.

Ice carries the dun gene, cream gene and dun factors.  His foals have a high percentage chance of inheriting one of his dilution genes.  To date he has sired 99% Dun &/or Creme gene foals. (6/11/21) 
ee, Aa, Crcr, Dd and carries nd1 and nd2.

UC Davis Genetic Tested, 4 Panel - N/N, N/PSSM1, OWLS N/N


Iceman in his working clothes, going out for the morning gather and branding.

Waiting quietly for lesson time
Going through the paces as a youngster.

Ice still likes being "prettied up" for the Ladies!

 FOALS by Tee J Iceman
(just a few)


2016 Dunalino Colt
Tee J Icman' Birthday 5/14/3003


In the winter of 2003, I purchased a big gray mare, Tee J Shelby, from Minnesota.  She  had been bred to a grullo 100% foundation stallion and due to foal in the spring.  Shelby was a linebred Jackie Bee mare who stood at 16.1 hands and easily weighed 1600 lbs.  She was very gentle and kind and had several quality foals for her previous Minnesota owners.  I was very excited to have her and waited anxiously for a foal.

On May 14, 2003, Tee J Iceman was born.  I had no idea what color he was.  He just looked pink!  But he was a big strong colt and I was as pleased as could be.  He was exactly what I was looking for as a stallion prospect for a Roping and Rodeo horse.  I had always been keenly interested in the Jackie Bee and GoldFingers bloodlines due to their extreme versatility and talent, not to mention their quiet dispositions!

Iceman & Dam, Shelby

As Ice grew, his coat color became more apparent.  He definitely had a dorsal stripe, which was from his grullo sire carrying the dun gene.  But he also had a white mane and tail, which made him a palomino.  Where did that come from?  I studied his dams pedigree only to find that she had a 50% chance of carrying the cream gene, but the gray gene covers up any base color a horse may be.  The Quarter Horse Association argued with me that he could not be a Palomino as it did not seem likely from the mating.  Thus, he was registered as a dun.  In the meantime, he has been DNA tested for the cream gene and it was confirmed that he does carry it. 

In the spring of 2005, I bred Ice to one of my Jackie Bee/GoldFingers mares.  He was out to pasture with Tee J Diamond Jackie and by chance figured out what to do, thus successfully settling Jackie.  It was a great surprise.  The resulting foal was Chardonnay Cowboy, born in May 2006.  He is the spitting image of Iceman.  I really felt like I was having 'deja-vu'.   Cowboy is intensely linebred Jackie Bee with GoldFingers and Diamond Tender as grandsire and great grandsires.  What a great old combination again!  We have since gelded Chardonnay Cowboy and have used him on the ranch and out on the desert working cattle.  He is now working on a large cattle ranch in Nevada.

Tee J Iceman Sept 2004

Unfortunately, in 2005 due to divorce, I had to sell Iceman to my friend Christine in order to survive and re-establish my ranch business.  He had a great home with Christine and she took excellent care of him.  Then, in the summer of 2008, I had the opportunity to purchase him back and I jumped on it!  I am so happy to have him back at the Flying H Ranch with his old friends. 

Iceman has been one of our best ranch, gathering, rope, sorting horses we could ask for.  He has become the horse I was looking for to be a sire in our breeding program.  He has been working on our ranches gathering cattle, sorting, branding and roping.  He is very agile, despite his size and never seems to get rattled in heated moments.  He is kind and extremely gentle for the giant he is.

Iceman is very easy to breed, either by live cover, pasture or collection on the phantom.  His shipped semen is of exceptional quality and we have very high rates of conception.  I couldn't have asked for a better stallion.



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