Below are some of the horses we offer for sale.  We strive to raise and train quality Paint & Quarter Horses that are sound, correct and cowy.  Our horses boast many of AQHA's top ten ranch horse bloodlines* so we may continue to promote the working Quarter Horse breed.  

All of our horses have big bone and feet.   We only breed big boned, athletic horses with superior conformation, that will stand up to days and days of hard work, while still having gentle minds and attitude. 

Breeding and Foaling Season is HERE!
  We are expecting 10 foals in the spring and summer of 2018.  Keep your eyes out for them as they come starting in April.
Please look at the MARES page for the 2018 foals that will be arriving.

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2018 APHA Bay Tobiano Colt
APHA #pending
by Tee J Iceman

Born: 6/1/18


This guy suprised us by arriving almost two weeks early!  Out of Diamond Tivio Bar, he will be a big stout working horse.  Should mature 16 hands or better, bit bone and feet with lots of color!  Amazingly sweet and loves people.

2018 AQHA Dunalino Colt
AQHA #pending
by Tee J Iceman

Born: 5/22/18


Our second colt of the season is out of Midnight Seduction.  This guy is another fine product of his parents.  Looks Red Dun but may be another Dunalino.  Should mature 16 hands.  Bloodlines of Peppy San Badger, High Till Midnight, Jackie Bee, Watch Joe Jack.  He should be a runner with brains!


2018 AQHA Dunalino Filly
AQHA #pending
by Bueno Bee Leo

Born: 5/7/18


First foal by Bueno Bee Leo, an own son of Tivio Leo Reed.  This gal is also a granddaughter of Tee J Iceman.  She will be another big horse with lots of power and cow.  More pictures to come!

2018 AQHA Buckskin Filly
AQHA #pending
by Buckaroo Playboy

Born: 5/6/18


We are happy to announce Leos Easter Star's second foal, a buckskin filly by Buckaroo Playboy.  She is definately a Zipper!  Already fleet on her feet and quite a character.  Will post newer pictures soon!


2018 AQHA Dunalino Filly
AQHA #pending
by Tee J Iceman

Born: 5/1/18


This little filly is the spitting image of her father when he was born!  Beautiful dunalino out of Buckaroo Harley Chex. She will mature 16 hands and be a great all around ranch/rope type horse.  Bloodlines include Jackie Bee, Watch Joe Jack, Bueno Chex, Freckles Playboy, Cal Bar and more foundation greats up close!

2018 AQHA Gray (Sorrel) Filly
AQHA #pending
by Buckaroo Playboy

Born: 4/26/18


Beautiful filly out of Chex Bee A Lady.  Well put together and correct.  Amazing bloodlines of Doc Tom Tucker, Bueno Chex, Freckles Playboy and Cal Bar all up close up.  She will be a cow eating machine.

2018 AQHA Bay Colt
AQHA #pending
by Midnight Exhibition

Born: 4/20/18


First foal of the season!  Extremely well put together colt by Midnight Exhibition and out of Tee J Roses N Ice.  Barn name RAZOR. We have long awaited this cross of Tee J Iceman mares bred to Midnight Exhibition.  Super friendly already.  Will post more pictures as he matures!

2017 AQHA/APHA Palomino Splashed White 1 Colt
TJI Splash N Teddy
AQHA 5,853,075/APHA 1,073,538
 by Tee J Iceman

Born 6/11/17


Big colt out of Teddys Black Pearl (daughter of Ima Splash N Teddy).  Very big boned and will mature around 16 hands or more and weigh in around 1450 lbs.  He is very flashy with high whites and belly markings, dapples out in the summer DNA tested as follows: aa, ee, CR/n, nd1/nd2, SW1/n, PSSM1/n.  Another great stallion prospect or use him for ranch/rope/show or ?  Registered AQHA and APHA.  He has been weaned and de-wormed and started well with the halter.


2016 AQHA Red Dun Filly
TJI Bee A Chexi Lady
AQHA #5,765,168
by Tee J Iceman

Born: 5/1/16



First foal of the season!  Very pretty filly out of Chex Bee A Lady.  Was born red dun or dunalino, but  is now turning gray.  She is a sweetie with lots of personality and won't leave the feed wagon alone.  She will mature around 16 hands.  She is halter broke and leads and loads well. 



2017 AQHA Bay Dun Colt
 by Tee J Iceman

Born 6/6/17

Super nice and friendly bay dun colt out of Lea Bar Reed (daughter of Tivio Leo Reed).  This colt will be a looker and able to work too.  He is very friendly and loves to be around people.   Bloodlines include Jackie Bee, Watch Joe Jack, Leo, Joe Reed, Three Bars, Seabiscuit and more.  Very high foundation blood.  Has been weaned, de-wormed and started on the halter.


2017 AQHA Buckskin Filly
 by Tee J Iceman

Born 5/7/17

Thank you Bettina and Michelle!!


Very nice filly out of Buckaroo Harley Chex.   This filly will mature around 15.3 hands, have good muscle, bone and feet.  She may be dunskin with cream gene too!  Bloodlines include Jackie Bee, Bueno Chex, Cal Bar, Freckles Playboy, Gold Fingers, Leo and Do Do Chick.  She is a good combination of speed and cow, suitable for many disciplines. She has been weaned, de-wormed and  halter broke.  She is very light and willing.


2016 AQHA Bay Colt
TJI Tivio Leo
AQHA # 5,787,176
by Tee J Iceman

Born: 6/28/16


Bay colt out of Lea Bar Reed.  Last one born on the ranch in 2016 and he took his time!  Very sweet, will mature 15.3 hands+ with good bone and feet.  He is a grandson of our late Tivio Leo Reed.  His dam consistently throws balanced, correct and athletic foals.  Take him any direction. Just started ground work on him.  He will be ready to start this summer!


2017 AQHA Grullo Tobiano Colt
TJI Amigo Leo
APHA # 1,073,539
 by Tee J Iceman

Born 5/8/17

Thank you Sharon and Sara!!


Flashy, Flashy, Flashy!   Colt out of Tivio Diamond Bar.  This colt will be big, maturing around 16 hands or better.  Big bone, feet and muscle.  This one is going to be a great athlete, suitable for rope, rodeo, pick up and anything you need him to do.  He has been weaned, de-wormed and started on halter breaking.  He is always the first one to come to you.  He is eager to learn.


2017 AQHA Grullo Colt
Midnight Illumination
AQHA  #Pending
 by Tee J Iceman

Born 6/7/17

Thank you Guillermo!

Beautiful grullo colt out of Midnight Seductin.  Super friendly already.  He will be a big boy.  Take him any direction.  He will have speed as well as cow sense.  Bloodlines include Jackie Bee, Watch Joe Jack, Peppy San Badger, Driftwood, Leo and more  QH foundation lines.


2017 AQHA Bay Filly
Leos Melting Heart
 by Buckarooo Playboy

Born 4/27/17

Thank you Courtney!

First foal out of Leos Easter Star.  Very pretty, well bred for cow and brains.  This filly should mature at 15 hands.  Granddaughter of Tivio Leo Reed,  plus Clabber, King, Three Bars, Bueno Chex, Freckles Playboy, Cal Bar along with all many old time foundation QH blood.  Will be posting pictures as we go!

2015 AQHA Bay Filly
Playboys Seduction
 AQHA #5721824
 by Buckarooo Playboy
Born: 6/21/15

Thank you Skyelar!

Very fine and feminine filly out of  Midnight Seduction.    Bloodllines include Freckles Playboy, Cal Bar, Bueno Chex, King,  Peppy San Badger, Driftwood, Speedy Peake, Moon Deck, Triple Chick and Leo.    Should mature 15.1 or 15.2 hands and is bred for speed and cow. She is halter broken, stands  well for the farrier, been wormed and vaccinated.  This filly is a sweetheart and loves people, super easy to catch out on pasture and ready to start your way.

2016 APHA Black Filly
TJI Black Diamond
APHA # 1,062,789
by Midnight Exhibition

Born: 6/7/16

Thank you Kurt!


Jet black filly out of APHA Tivio Diamond Bar.  This filly has no markings and is a stunner.  Will be an all around horse maturing around 16+ hands.  Has speed built into her.  Bloodlines of Leo, Driftwood, Moon Deck, Leo, Poco Tivio, Joe Reed and more foundation QH lines.  Halter broke, friendly and inquisitive and loves attention. 

* Top Ten Ranch Horse Bloodlines - per Western Horseman Magazine article October 2007

1.  Peppy San Badger*
2.  Doc Bar*
3.  Joe Hancock*
4.  Two Eyed Jack*
5.  Driftwood*
6.  Freckles Playboy*
7.  Blue Valentine*
8.  Playgun
9.  Jackie Bee*
10. Sun Frost
* We carry this bloodline in our breeding stock.


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